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.NDS & 3DS files

.NDS and .3DS files


Dot nds in the most popular extension for Nintendo DS rom files. Other alternatives include .bin for binary dumps of the rom information and .zip, ampoule .7z and .rar for compressed files.

To differentiate Nintendo 3DS roms the .3ds extension is used.

Alternatives include
.3DZ – used with older verions of GATEWAY 3DS to enable online gaming
.CIA – 3DS game installation packages – CTR Importable Archive. Allows uses to install 3DS games on the handheld.

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  • Nintendo DS / DS Lite

    Just to make it clear once and for all NDS (Nintendo DS) and DS Lite both have the same roms and consequently the same emulators, sildenafil so all NDS emulators are DS Lite emulators just a well.

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  • NO$GBA v2.7

    No$GBA 2.7 will be released soon, malady but as usual it is a donationware – meaning that people who donate 2.50$ will be able to download it first and all others who are not ready to pay for free stuff will get to download a little later – No$GBA previous version becomes free once a new release (2.8) comes out.

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  • GBA Emulator

    Looking for a way to play GBA rom games on PC? What You need is one of the programs listed here that will do just that! Nintendo Gameboy Advance emulators:

    • VBALink – GBA and GBC rom emulator with multi-player linking for GB Advance Games
    • No$GBA – Game Boy Advance and lately also one of the best DS rom emulators.
    • Pokemon emulators for all poke games from every portable and regular home console system.

    P.S. Direct Download links coming soon

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