GBA Flash Cards

Gameboy Advance Flash cards and Flash Linkers are tools that you need for riping GBA roms from the cartridges (using GBA Flash Linker) and / or playing backups on the GBA or DS using a special Flash Cartridge (GBA Flash Card). During the years many models and types of GBA Flash Cards from numerous manufacturers have been manufactured, but as the GBA / SP and Micro are no longer that popular (in comparison with DS and PSP) there are only a few choices left. Non the less the cards that can buy now are some of the best models that have most if not all bugs eliminated.

G6DS Real User Manual

G6DS Real

Card Features:

* The real NDS Clean dump rom compatibilty & support.
*Boot clean dump images without the need for any patching .
*Same size as an ordinary DS flash cart .
*Extreme simple to use: just drag and drop files to the G6 Cart .
*Exclusive super ” Cheat Code” function .
*Software reset function .
*No drivers & any software required .
*Work as U disk with USB 2.0 ultra fast burning speed .Standard FAT system support .
*Built-in 8G bit (1GB) or 16G bit (2GB) Nand Flash memory .No need to use the SD card & worry about the ejection problem of SD card slot.
*Perfect preformance. (Runs games without any lag or slow down . You don’t need to worry about the compatibility & speed of SD card.)
*Auto detect the save type and automatically generate save file . No need to operate manual by yourself .
* Upgradeable Firmware (OS/Bios/Kernel)
* Includes a fully touch screen & button control operating system /GUI Menu .
* Perfect download Play compatibilty. (Single card multiplayer works)
* Compatible with DS Rumble Pak , RAM Pack , DS browser .
* Compatibile with Wi-Fi Connection .
* NDS-GBA Linkage works fine .
* Built in PassMe (NO need for any boot cart/passcard etc.)
* Homebrew support .
* Robust & skinnable GUI .
* Ability to boot slot 2 flash carts for GBA/NDS support, with the G6 cart as a passme in slot 1 .
* Built in Multi-media player.(MP3 ,OGG music & DPG /DSM / GBM movies ). Boots MP3’s and video files via of our media player or Moonshell .
* Super E-book function , support Word/ Txt file directly .
* Super picture viewer function , support *.BMP、*.JPG、*.GIF、*.PNG directly .
* Built in PDA (Worldwide Time ,Memo , Note ,Phone book ,Calculator ..)
* Supports DS sleep mode .
* Brightness adjustment within Gui.

Installing Firmware:

Connecting to the PC/Mac

You will need to put your G6DS Real into the USB adapter supplied with the card. Once you have done this you can then plug your adapter into the USB port of your computer or MAC.

Formating the card

You may not need to format the card when you first get it. But if you do need to reformat the card you can format it into fat or fat 32.
Installing Firmware
Take the system folder from the CD(or from the download section ) and drag it onto the card. This sytem folder contains all the files needed for running of the card.
Picture 24
If you want to run roms on the card you will need to create a NDS folder and put all the roms inside this folder. Videos into the My Videos folder etc. (Yes, the above screenshot is from a Mac) The firmware and other required files can be downloaded from—index.php

Removing the card from the Mac/PC

It is important that you eject the card from the Mac/pc, then remove the entire adapter from the Mac/pc, now you can remove the G6DS real from the adapter.

Using the Card:

Main menu
When you turn on the DS the card will automatically boot to the main menu. The screens brightness is adjusted by touching the bottom left corner of the screen. One scrolls through the available games by using the d-pad or by touching the screen along the right side.

When you click on the top right hand corner you get a drop down menu with a number of options. NDS Game is the page you are on.

My Card
Here you can explore all the files and folders on your card. It is also from my card that you will boot all your homebrew.

pdaDS is only on the G6 cards. This is a lovely feature that other cards do not have.
If you do not have the pdaDS on your card you will end up with the screenshot above. To Install the pdaDS. put the pdaDS folder on your card downloaded from here.—index.php

Once you have installed it and choose pdaDS.
You will have the above left picture, you are then able to choose the look of your pdaDS interface, this choice is made on the top left hand corner.

If you choose NDS Game it will take you back to the main screen where you are able to view and choose you ds rom backups.

Here you are able to choose your user name local address and time.

You are able to set a password for notes etc that you will like to have extra security with.

You will get a screen showing your date on a calendar, your date and time. You also have further options for other time related features that you might find handy. Shown below.
If you choose Menology, you will get the calendar. If you want to change the view of the calendar you can by clicking on the orange button on the bottom right. You will then get the calendar view below.

The timer can keep record of multiple times.

Countdown  has 2 countdowns that can work at the same time.

The world time featureenables you to see what time it is in other parts of the world.

With the Phone book you can easily keep all your contact details.

With the note book you can both right , draw shaped and input text. Nice for the quick note you want to make about something.

The Units section is great for converting Length, Area, Cubage, Weight and temperature.

The calculator has a nice neat interface.

The memo is another nice feature, here you type your memos.

MediaPlay Extend


MediaPlay Extend is the interface for viewing ones pictures, videos and listening to music and viewing e-books. This is one feature you will not find on any other slot 1 card. All the other cards only use Moonshell (—projects.php homebrew Application) to fulfill this task.

Mediaplay Extend has a lovely interface. With icons for video, music, e-books, pictures, My Disc, Help and support and Settings. This is the only slot 1 card that has MediaPlay-extend as part of its firmware.

My Video

MediaPlay-Extend has support for DPG /DSM / GBM movies. Once you have chosen the movie you would like to watch, the movie will start playing on the top screen. Press A or R to pause the movie. X/Y are used to adjust the volume. L to restart the movie. B to go and choose another movie. Touch on the screen to get the view bellow.
Here one can see on the bottom green bar how far one is into viewing the movie. The volume control is great (using the X/Y buttons) one is able to make the sound very loud, It goes louder then I would ever need it personally.

My Music
The music player has support for both MP3 and OGG music. I like the music mode and find the quality to be great, I again could make the music nice and loud. There comes a point where the music is too loud for the DS’s little speakers. So one doesn’t end up frustrated with the music being too soft. You can choose to play the music with the following settings All, Random, repeat All, repeat One, Single, Rev Repeat and All Power OFF.
There is a green bar at the bottom of the screen that shows how far you are into the song.
You can close the DS and still listen to the music. You can also lock the keys so that if you bump your L or R key nothing will happen.

My Ebook
The e-book viewer is nice and has a lot of features. It is quick and easy to launch your e-book.
Features include: The loading and saving of bookmarks, 7 different screen modes (double screen, like a book etc). Font size can be changed. There is also a key lock. There is a choice font change but all the different fonts were grayed out and not available.
A nice e-book reader. It is not suitable for viewing the bible.(for this I would recommend DSOrganize with the Bible plugin –—index.php (You will be able to use this when the DLDI driver is available) But for an e-book you are reading this is perfect.

My Pictures

The pictures were drawn using Phidias—projects.php (Homebrew Application) by Infinityone

The picture viewer supports support BMP,JPG, GIF and PNG files. Very large images will need to be resized before putting them onto the G6DS Real. Once one is viewing a picture if you press the L button MediaPlay-extend will launch the next photo on your card.
The picture viewer has two screen modes, Double screen and Touch screen. When you have the image on touch screen mode you are able to zoom in and out of the picture using the X/Y buttons. You can zoom out to 65% and in to 800%

Boot Menu for slot 2 devices.

The Boot menu is for booting a slot 2 device.


Finally one has the settings. Here is where you can change your cards skin.

Booting a Rom
Once you have booted your rom you have various options. You have the option to have cheats on or off, Soft Reset on or off and the options for slow motion. For download play it is recommended that you have all these setting in the off position.

Cheat System:
The Cheat System
The G6DS Real has an AR(Action Replay) compatible cheat code engine.
An AR compatible cheat code engine. It directly supports the following file format:

Cheat code Downloads will be available for our site soon.

Getting a cheat code file
You can download a cheat database from—Download.html. We will have cheat code files available soon.
Copy the cheat code onto the G6DS Real
This is easy as you can copy the file to any location on the G6DS Real. You could create a folder for all your cheat code files to go into if you like.

Choose your game
I chose Diddy Kong Racing

Selecting the cheat code file
Touch on select file

Look for your cheat code where you put it on the card. I put mine in the cheats folder.

Now that I am in My cheats folder I can choose the file I want to use for this game.

You then will have a screen like this.

Touch on OK

If you look just below the name of the game, you can see the cheat file you have chosen.

Now click on the cheat tab

You now have all the possible cheats on the screen in front of you.

Touch on the text of the cheat you want. (or scroll(d-pad) and select(a) using the keys)

Once you have chosen all the cheats you want, then click on the Config tab.

Now you need to turn on the Cheat switch. Touch on the word off and you will then be able to choose on.


You are now ready to start playing your game. Press Start.

Look now all the Charcters are open and not locked.

We have used the cheat code system successfully.

I went back and chose all the cheats and here are some screenshots of the results

Homebrew (DLDI):
The G6DS Real now has an automatic DLDI patching system. This is a small guide showing how it works.

How to run the Homebrew.

The Homebrew needs to be put onto the G6DS Real
The folders for DSOrganize and Phidias are required for those Applications.

Once one has the Homebrew on the G6DS real one is ready to put the G6DS Real into the DS and to switch it on.

Go to the menu on the top right corner and click on MyCard.
You are now available to view all the files and programs on the G6DS Real
Scroll to the Homebrew you would like to run.
Choose the homebrew you want by touching on its name or by pressing A once it is highlighted.
Once you have chosen your Homebrew you will see the above screen you must now press the A button.
As the Homebrew launches The G6DS Real tells you with the above screen that the homebrew is DLDI compatible.

Here we have DSOrganize that has booted on the G6DS Real. DSOrganize Homepage can be found Dragonminded has created:” A simple organizer for the Nintendo DS. Includes scheduled events, address book entries, todo lists, scribble pad, IRC, calculator, web browser, homebrew database, text/html editor/viewer, bmp/png/jpg/gif viewer, mp3/ogg/wav/ flac/aac/m4a/ mod/xm/it/s3m/ sid/nsf/spc and streaming aac/mp3/ogg player, wav recorder, support for plugins, etc.”

Here is a screenshot of the Homebrew on my G6DS Real, taken on a Mac. So it might look different to what your used to.
Phydias and DSOrganize require folders as seen in the above screenshot. I have already played wordup and Ka-Boom, you can see there is a save file for them.

To find more homebrew games and applications.

Please note that this will enable Homebrew that supports DLDI to run on the G6DS Real. Games/Applications that do not support DLDI may not run on the G6DS Real.
Last Updated ( Sunday, 30 September 2007 )