Best GBA Emulator for Android

The Best GBA Emulator for Android

GameBoy Advance (GBA) was – and will always be – a very cool handheld console. It allowed you to play many different video games and there’s always something for anyone regardless of your preferred genre. So wanting a GameBoy Advance emulator for Android doesn’t really come as a surprise. With Android, you get a lot more power to run any title you like compared to when you play on your GBA console. I was convinced, after spending time using several GameBoy Advance emulators for Android, that it can work on any GB title without any issues.

Now I won’t dwell on how you can find GBA games for Android because that’s going to trigger a lot of mixed reactions and to be honest, it’s still a gray area. You can however find your own ROMs on Google if you know where to look. I’ve listed very capable emulators here but I would highly suggest that you try the one I listed on top before all others. The first app in our list is very easy to use and while all the others are really great, I want you to try the first one first.

Note: GBA Pokemon emulators for Android were tested using the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I didn’t find any problems testing all emulators. There’s no need to have Internet access to use them because the features are available offline. If you have an Android game controller, I suggest you use it too to get a good level of gameplay with the emulators.

best GBA emulator Android

  • My Boy! GBA Emulator

I would go so far as to say that the My Boy! GBA Emulator is one of the very best that you can find on the Google Play Store. If there’s on Android GBA Emulator that has all the things you could possibly want in an Android emulator, this is it. I’ve used it to play a total of 13 games and they all worked perfectly. You’ll like the interface which is very easy to use and you can also customize the controls. It enables you to save your progress at any point in the game. With the stock GameBoy Advance you can’t do that. You also get lots of options for tweaking so that you can get a whole new level of gameplay. It supports several controllers to make your playing experience even better.

  • John GBA Lite

It seems like John is very proud of his creation and he wants to put his name on the title. I say it’s well deserved. The emulator is fantastic and you won’t encounter any hitches when you play. It comes with the original GBA engine and a large selection of cheats you can use. If your storage has a zipped ROM, you can use the app to read it and it won’t require any extraction. With the John GBA Lite, you have the option to include turbo buttons so that you won’t have to use your thumb as often. There’s also another feature which will allow you to slow down your gameplay so you can kill the final boss without putting your “life” at risk.

  • GBA.emu

This GameBoy Advance emulator is free for Android and using it gives you lots of options. You can save games in various states and you can allot various slots to them. You can also configure a controller that will work with the games. Another great feature is that you can benchmark the game prior to your play. Those who own one of those lower-end Android phones should test out a game prior to investing their time fully to this app. There have been cases in which the game stutters after just a couple of hours of playing. Moreover, the virtual joy-pad is not exactly what you’d consider flawless. You will see some of the buttons on the game’s visuals when you choose landscape mode though it’s not really distracting.

Pokemon Emulator Games Download

  • GBA emulator

The last one on our list is the GBA emulator for Android phones and tablets. I’ve placed it last for good reason. You see, it’s not as great as the other 3 and definitely less superior compared to the #1 on this list. But if none of the others will work on your Android smartphone, then you can try your luck with the GBA emulator. The emulator can run any game without any problem but the design and interface seem a bit off. It will search your device really fast and it’s also compatible with the GBA ROMs.

My Boy GBA Emulator full apk

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