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Gameboy Advance Emulator

Before Game Boy was unveiled to the public, people are already craving for portable video games that they can enjoy even when on the outdoors. Because of this, Nintendo, the makers of Game Boy, has took one step further to develop a handheld gaming device that would make every gaming adventure reach a notch higher. Because of the innovative development in the gaming world, Game Boy reached the top peak. The original game boy in the early years is completely different to the Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy Color which the kids experience today. However, the Game Boy original is the very first step in developing the best line of handheld video game console to be ever produced in the gaming market.

Upon the first introduction of the very first Game Boy in the market, it boasts of excellent graphics and the traditional pre-Game Boy video game consoles consists of an LCD screen having all the graphics on the screen in one layer. Though the etchings on the screen were highly detailed, it still leaves a void to the video game players. After a few years, Game Boy once again shocked its long list of patrons as it unveiled a new Game Boy with an LCD screen that is likened to the TV screen. The graphics of this new Game Boy look more detailed because of the smaller dot matrix. If you notice the great graphics of the Game Boy, then you are guaranteed to feel the same way with its audio capabilities. So what more could you ask for in any handheld gaming device?

Given the excellent side of Game Boy in terms of graphics and audio capabilities, there is still another thing that Game Boy is sure to keep the public keenly interested. Once you’ve tasted the great games of the Game Boy, you are sure to be wanting for more. The game selection is huge and ranges from action, adventure, RPG, sports, war sim, racing and a lot more. With Game Boy, you are sure to enjoy every game you crave for. Game Boy does not only have exclusive games as there are also other NES conversions that every Game Boy lover can enjoy playing even on the road. Game Boy is also composed of some ports from the 16 bit system that performs excellently.

Because Game Boy is in demand in the market and it has gained many followers, the original Game Boy has actually two versions. The first version is the Game Boy Pocket which is a Game Boy classic. As the name suggests, this version is much smaller and also has clearer screen. Also, you can enjoy the Game Boy Pocket for a long time because of its long lasting batteries. The Game Boy Color and the Game Boy Advance on the other hand are backward compatible with the classic Game Boy games. However, this version also shows some flaws as some games may not work at all and Nintendo can’t fix this.

As a conclusion, the Game Boy device has already made its mark in the gaming history for it is known for its high quality portable gaming. This device is the main reason are entertained during their idle and boring times.